• HAFTOR MEDBØE/JACOB KARLZON, Hope (2018) – Copperfly Records

(release date February 2019)

Featuring Jacob Karlzon on four original composition by Haftor Medbøe. Engineered and mastered by Garry Boyle.

(release date November 2015)

Featuring Espen Eriksen (piano) and Gunnar Halle (trumpet) on seven original composition by Haftor Medbøe. Engineered and mastered by Garry Boyle, mixed and produced by Graham Coe.

(release date July 2015)

Featuring Gunnar Halle (trumpet), Espen Eriksen (piano), Eva Malling (bass) and Benita Haastrup (drums). Recorded live at Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival 2013. Engineered, mixed and mastered by Michal Jankowski

(release date May 2015)

Featuring Pete Furniss on bass clarinet through gruntCount software made in Max/MSP by Martin Parker and Haftor Medbøe on guitar through a chain of every effects pedal available on the day. Engineered by Martin Oswald, mixed and mastered by Graham Coe.

Featuring Anneke Kampman (vocals) Konrad Wiszniewski (tenor sax), Andy Jeffcoat (Moog) and Richard Kass (percussion). Partly recorded in Scottish woodlands, this album brings together outdoors and indoors, acoustic and electronic and was mastered and co-produced by Michal Jankowski.

Produced by Calum Malcolm and Haftor Medbøe, the album showcases exquisitely lyrical vocals by Anneke Kampman and helter skelter programming by Gavin Hislop (aka Babyshaker) alongside the HMG stalwarts.

Featuring saxophonist Konrad Wiszniewski, Chris Greive, Signy Jakobsdottir and very special guest bassist Eva Malling from Copenhagen with a cameo appearance on blues harp by Tommy Harmonica. Engineered by Dave Hook, mixed and mastered by Calum Malcolm.

Featuring Sue Mckenzie on soprano saxophone, Signy Jakobsdottir on percussion and Chris Greive on trombone the album also presents electronica maestro Kenny MacDonald and the sublime strings of the Edinburgh Quartet. Engineered by Paul Ferguson and produced by Calum Malcolm.

The debut Haftor Medbøe Group album features Sue Mckenzie, Signy Jakobsdottir and Chris Greive with electronica backdrops by Fred Parsons (Phunky Torso/Finitribe). The recording is co-produced by Dave Keaye and HMG and mastered by Dave Hook.